Alerion Web Interaction
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How It Works

EZSearch is a website that bridges the gap between your business's physical location and your customers. Your customers can search your inventory while at home or on the go with their home computers, tablets, or smart phones.

How It Works

Internet Connection

The EZSearch site uses the Internet to connect to your SQL Server to display inventory to your customers. This information exchange works behind the scenes and never exposes your information directly. Only the basic inventory information is available to your customers.

Static IP

EZSearch connects to your local Alerion database through your IP address (external), so a static IP address is recommended for your store's internet connection. If you don't have a static IP address, you can use a tool called NOIP. Learn more about NOIP at http://www.noip.com .


The EZSearch service can work as a stand-alone website for your store or you may integrate it into your existing website.