Alerion Web Interaction
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Getting Your Inventory Online

Have you thought about getting your inventory online to help increase sales or to help bring in more customers? Now there is a tool that will help you get your products onto your customers computers, tablets, and cell phones. It's EZSearch for the Alerion point-of-sale system.

EZSearch connects the information in your store with your website giving your customers live interaction with inventory.

Your customers can find what they are looking for by searching titles, genres, actors, or directors. They can even see the newest arrivals in your store. Imagine the number of telephone calls that will eliminate. You know the ones, "Oh hi, what do you have that's new." Now you can send them directly to your website.

Alerion Web can be used as a standalone website or can be incorporated into your existing website and can be customized to fit your needs. You can adjust colors, decide which search modes you want to include, and which fields you want to display.

This first phase of Alerion web incorporates the inventory searches and the next phase has even more features - See How It Works . The best part is that Alerion Web Phase 1 is free for current Alerion customers. It's another added value for your Alerion subscription. 

Are you ready to see the product in action? See a live demo here - EZSearch Demo .